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Why Songwriters Should Embrace the Rewrite

My number-one advice to songwriters is this: don’t be afraid of the rewrite. When I started rewriting and perfecting my songs, it brought a whole new level of confidence in my songwriting. I could defend every single choice I had made in my songs, and I was finally creating songs I was proud of. If you’re still on the fence about rewriting, here are a few reasons you should try it out.

4 Ways to Free Your Songwriting Process From Your Instrument

When a band’s original songs are homogenous, that’s on the songwriter. There’s a good chance the band’s main writer always writes on an instrument, and his or her songs are limited by that. Falling into ruts as a player will keep your songwriting stuck in those same ruts. Fortunately, there are simple practices you can establish to keep your ideas fresh and avoid becoming That Band.

Songwriters: 5 Tips to Write Stronger Lyrics

So many songs deal with the same themes – love, life, loss – but great songwriters are able to make that story fresh. Why is it that when two songs promote the same idea, some sound powerful while others sound tired? Here are five ideas you can try right now with your lyric writing to ensure that you’re telling your own unique story in a strong, vivid way.

4 Weird (But Awesome) Ways to Come Up With Creative Lyrics You Haven’t Tried

When faced with a lyric writing challenge, employing games – or, to be fancy, chance operations – to generate new ideas always helps me out. The idea is that by getting yourself outside your typical headspace – the one that’s causing your writer’s block – you can stumble upon ideas you might not have come to otherwise.