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9 Ways to Instantly Spice Up Your Songwriting

It’s easy to get in the habit of writing songs in your perfect key, in the same style, and always on your same instrument. The hard part is figuring out why you’re not happy with the finished product. Sometimes small details can dramatically change the bigger picture. Try these tips to instantly spice up your songwriting!

6 Ways to Step Out of Your Songwriting Comfort Zone

For some, hearing the words “step out of your comfort zone” will cause immediate aversion. For others, it may stir up a sense of excitement. Whether the concept holds immediate interest for you or not, pushing yourself out of your neutral territory is key for personal growth, which is especially true as it applies to creativity! Trying new things with your songwriting is a great way to create inspiration. Here are a few ideas you can experiment with.

10 Things You Can Do for 10 Minutes a Day to Improve Your Songwriting

The most surefire way to keep making progress with your songwriting craft is to practice, practice, practice. The great part is that it doesn’t take much – even devoting just 10 minutes a day to songwriting will help you improve. Not sure what exactly to spend those 10 minutes on? Try experimenting with these ideas, and watch yourself become a more creative songwriter in no time!

4 Weird (But Awesome) Ways to Come Up With Creative Lyrics You Haven’t Tried

When faced with a lyric writing challenge, employing games – or, to be fancy, chance operations – to generate new ideas always helps me out. The idea is that by getting yourself outside your typical headspace – the one that’s causing your writer’s block – you can stumble upon ideas you might not have come to otherwise.

5 Creative Exercises to Help You Beat Songwriter’s and Composer’s Block

Many of us in the creative world are under the false and dangerous assumption that creativity begins when inspiration strikes. Sure, you may occasionally wake up in the middle of the night with a brilliant idea that just popped into your head, but more often than not, creativity is something we encourage through discipline and hard work rather than something that strikes like lightning. So if you feel like you have a case of songwriter’s or composer’s block, instead of waiting for inspiration to strike, use some of these exercises to stimulate your creativity.

7 Rad Pedals That Will Inspire Your Songwriting

If you’re a songwriter and you can plug your instrument of choice into a 1/4″ jack, you can use pedals to color your songs with texture and elegance. Stomp boxes can aid you in creating sounds you just can’t make otherwise, thus inspiring unique moments that can add personality and dimension to your songs. Get started by checking out seven of our favorite pedals!

5 Emerging US Music Scenes You Didn’t Know About

Virtually everyone knows about the big U.S. music capitals: New York City, Los Angeles, and Nashville, with Austin, Portland, Seattle, Atlanta, and New Orleans trailing right behind. Those are the largest cities that produce some of the nation’s biggest acts in popular music. However, there are several lesser-known “flyover” cities that are becoming burgeoning music scenes in their own right.