4 Important Things We’ve Updated on SongwriterLink This Month

By | May 20, 2015

songwriterlink update

Thanks to your feedback, we’ve made a few improvements to SongwriterLink over the last couple of weeks. Make sure you update your profile accordingly to get better songwriter matches!

1. More instruments

songwriterlink instruments
As our community continues to grow, it’s also getting more diverse! Members have requested that we provide options for more instruments, so you can now select guitar, piano, vocals, drums, bass, other, or no instrument by logging into your account and going to Profile > Edit. Now, instruments are not only part of SongwriterLink’s advanced search, but also our matching algorithm – so make sure your profile is up to date with all of your instruments selected!

2. Co-writers’ instruments

songwriterlink co-writer instruments
To make instruments an effective part of our matching algorithm, you can now also select what you’d like your co-writers’ instruments to be! This way, if you’re a drummer looking to collaborate with a pianist, you’ll get emailed a match notification if our algorithm finds a pianist looking for a drummer like you. To help us match you up better, take a minute and go to Profile > Edit, and select what you’d like your co-writers’ instrument(s) to be. Remember, the more complete your profile is, the better chance you’ll have at finding the exact type of songwriters you’re looking for!

3. Better match notification emails

Some members felt that the match notification emails they were getting weren’t targeted enough, so we’ve increased the match percentage threshold for notifications. In other words, you’ll be getting fewer, but hopefully more useful, match emails from us.

4. Add your state

songwriterlink states
Previously, you could only display your city and country on your profile, but now you can show your state as well if you’d like! New members can do this during the signup process, and existing members can add their state by going to Profile > Edit. (Thanks to Michael Fritz for this suggestion.)

What else could we add or improve for you? Please share your ideas with us on our feedback forum!

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